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Goodman Q4/18 Investor Update

Goodman released its quarterly investor insight this week.

Goodman continues to benefit from strong structural and macro trends, due to the quality and location of its portfolio. Goodman's key tenants continue to increase investment in refining their supply chains resulting in an increasing demand for high-quality industrial facilities in key urban centres.

The Group has a diverse workbook with 75 development projects in progress around the world. Demand for prime industrial space is continuing to have a positive impact on Goodman's development workbook as they deliver highly sought-after global warehousing solutions across multiple markets. Scarcity of sites in infill areas and growing competition from other uses is driving intensification of existing properties into multi-storey and higher value assets.

Goodman have also announced a new purpose statement to help define take Goodman into its next phase of growth, allowing them to think more broadly about the environment they operate in and with their stakeholders make space for all to succeed. Their new purpose has evolved to “making space for greatness.”

Refer to Goodman presentation