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Arena Childcare REIT AGM

Highlights for FY18 Arena’s financial performance has again been strong, with net operating profit, or distributable income, of $34.7 million recorded for the year, up 21% on FY17.

This increase was primarily as a result of growing rental income from annual rent reviews and new income from the eight developments completed in FY17 and a record 14 development projects completed in FY18.

Arena met their distribution guidance of 12.8 cents per security, an increase of 6.7% over FY17 with underlying earnings per security (EPS) of 13.1 cents, an increase of 6.5% over FY17.

Following the development project completions and the revaluation of the portfolio, Arena’s total assets increased to $726.1 million, up 17% on 30 June 2017 and a Net Asset Value per security of $1.97, up 7% over the same period.

Arena completed a $55 million equity raising and $10 million security purchase plan in early FY18 which funded new acquistions and reduced gearing.

Arena continue to focus on providing long term accommodation solutions to operators of social infrastructure property, with investments in early learning centres and healthcare properties.

Areana seek to differentiate their brand in the marketplace through a partnership approach, working collaboratively with tenants and business partners to deliver outstanding results.

Arena's investment characteristics are focus on a combination of:

  • long lease terms;

  • premises that have strategic importance to tenant operations;

  • tenants of high credit quality; and

  • leases where outgoings and capital expenditure obligations rest with the tenant rather than the landlord.

Arena are forecasting distributions of 13.5 cents per security for 2018/19– reflecting growth of 5.5% over the 2018 financial year.