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Centuria Capital Group released Half Yearly Results to Dec 2017

Centuria Capital Group (ASX: CNI) today announced its results for the half year ended 31 December 2017 (1H18):

1H18 highlights

  • 19% total return to investors in 1H18

  • 19% increase in Assets Under Management (AUM) to $4.6 billion:

  • $770 million organic growth from property acquisitions and asset revaluations

  • $54 million (7%) growth in investment bonds with AUM up to $0.9 billion

  • Recurring revenue growth to $32.1 million, up $18.9 million

  • $25.8 million net performance fee before tax on sale of 10 Spring Street, Sydney

  • 13% operating gearing ratio

  • Reaffirm FY18 earnings guidance of 15.8-16.2 cents per stapled security (cps), previous FY18 guidance 10.8 cps

  • FY18 distribution guidance 8.2 cps

FY18 outlook

Centuria believe conditions remain favourable for the continued creation of property fund opportunities leveraging their strong real-estate credentials to identify ‘pockets of value’ for our long-standing investor base, and improving our distribution capacity to accelerate Investment Bond business.

Investor Presentation Document