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Weekly Transaction Update - 8th September

This week we recorded 13 major deals for a total value of $320M.


The largest deal which settled this week was Charter Hall's Prime Office Fund building at 109 St George's Terrace, Perth which sold for $71.7M. The deal which was announced back in May, will leave Far East with an 80% vacant building, after Westpac move to Brookfield Place later this year. Charter Hall acquired the 1970's B-grade office building almost 10 years ago for what was then described as a bargain $65 million. The building sits within a prime location and is likely to become a suitable redevelopment site in years to come. Until then, Far East have a big job attracting tenants back to the 13,891sqm building.

There were a number of other deals this week. Scroll through the list below or head to Propel for further details.

* indicates unconfirmed price